Base materials / surfaces


TECNOLINE manufactory fittings for doors, windows and furnishings are assembled to order by our innovative technicians, at our works in Bremen. By ensuring that all of our production activities are carried out on-site in Germany, we can guarantee the excellent technical quality of our faithful reproductions and produce work that satisfies our own high standards. TECNOLINE customers have complete freedom in selecting the finishes of their fittings. And this extends beyond mere colour selection. Our modular system means that any parts of the same base material (cast brass or stainless steel) can be combined, giving customers the choice between a variety of materials, surfaces, and accessory fixtures.


In order to adhere to the intentions of the original designers while at the same time satisfying contemporary door handle requirements, we supply our products in
two base materials:

Surfaces by base material brass

Solid cast brass lends itself to various surface treatments and finishes:

  • Ni - polished and nickel-plated *
  • Nimatt - matt-brushed and nickel-plated *
  • Chr - polished and chrome-plated
  • M - raw polished, unlacquered
TECNOLINE - Oberflächen Grundmaterial Messing

* Nickel-plated fittings are not suitable for use on exteriors or in rooms with very high humidity.

The following special finishes are available on request: matt chrome-plated, matt-brushed brass, gold-plated. 


Surfaces by base material stainless steel

Solid stainless steel has a distinguished appearance and is also extremely hard-wearing.

  • V2A - matt-brushed
  • V2Apol - polished
TECNOLINE - Oberflächen Grundmaterial Edelstahl


The original may show colour deviations!